rainy day

Sponsored by ✦*CK* Candy kitten✦ & ✦NYNE✦ ☆ Lingerie “Lili set” at SECRET HIDEOUT (open 03/11/18) by ✦*CK* Candy kitten✦ ☆ Backdrop “Rainy Day” at The Chapter Four, event (open 04/11/18) by ✦NYNE✦ ☆ Cappucino in ChicChica  


Sponsored by ✦PUNCH✦ ☆ Clip-On Nose Ring Gacha “Mira” in  ✦PUNCH✦


Sponsored by ✦Letis Tattoo✦ ☆ Hair  “Samantha” by monso ☆ Tattoo “Hummingbird” in ✦Letis Tattoo✦ ☆ Outfit “Hana Attire” dress & “off shoulder cardigan” by LAZYBONES      

trick or treat

Sponsored by ✦*CK* Candy kitten✦ & ✦Boutique #187✦ ☆ Hair “Electric Heart” in Doe ☆ ““pumpkins earrings”” at Trick or Treat Lane (12/10 -02/11/2018) by ✦Boutique #187✦ ☆ Outfit with doll “Sweet halloween” in ✦*CK* Candy kitten✦ ☆ “Halloween Pumpkin bucket” by ChicChica    

vintage mermaid

Sponsored by ✦The Tat Cat✦ ☆ Hair “Sayo” in Argrace ☆ Tattoo “Vintage Mermaid” in ✦The Tat Cat✦ ☆ Pose “Butterfly 5” in NanikA    

you drink with me ?

Sponsored by ✦ella✦ ☆ Hair “Brianna” in Truth ☆ Outfit “Aurah” at ACCESS Event (12/10 – 07/11/2018) by ✦ella✦

morning walk

Sponsored by ✦ella✦ ☆ Hair “Alice” in RAMA SALON ☆ Dress “Matilda” at Limit8 (open 18/10/2018) by ✦ella✦ ☆ “Koala bear head bag 1” by Zenith    


Sponsored by ✦NYNE✦ ☆ Hair “Boo Sheet” at  The Arcade event by Doe ☆ Dress “Dami Halloweennight a2” at The Arcade event by  Dami ☆ Tattoo “full bloody” at The Secret Affair (open 05/10/2018) by ✦NYNE✦ ☆ Backdrop “Hospital Room” at The Chapter Four (open 04/10/2018) by ✦NYNE✦      


Sponsored by ✦NYNE✦ ☆ Hair “Dominicana” at 3E event (open 15/10/2018) by ✦NYNE✦ ☆ Dress “Cardi” in Kaithleen’s ☆ Pose “feel the wind” in SLL Poses      


Sponsored by ✦DarkFire✦ ☆ Hair  “Char” in Truth ☆ Top “Andy” in ✦DarkFire✦