in black

Sponsored by ✦*CK* Candy kitten✦ ☆ Hair “Mina” in Bonbon ☆ Bodysuit “hot as me” at KINKY event (open 28/09/2018) by ✦*CK* Candy kitten✦ ☆ Pose “smoking hot” in Artis      


Sponsored by ✦SamPoses✦ ☆ Hair “falling” in  Tableau Vivant ☆ Dress “Arianna” at Uber event (open 25/09/2018) by Vanilla Bae ☆ Pose “Eve” at Pose Fair (open 01/10/2018) by ✦SamPoses✦    


Sponsored by ✦*CK* Candy kitten✦ ☆ Hair “Azalea” in Truth ☆ Bodysuit “Listen to heartbeat” at BLACK FAIR event (open 05 oct 2018) by ✦*CK* Candy kitten✦ ☆ Pose “Couple 187” in Focus Poses    

i fly

Sponsored by ✦KiRa TattOO✦ ☆ Hair “Wendy” in Limerence ☆ Tattoo “Fantasy” at White Nights event (open 20/09/2018) by ✦KiRa TattOO✦ ☆ Pose “show me the way” (my change) in Expressive bento poses    

till death

Sponsored by ✦MooLoo✦ & ✦Entice✦ ☆ Tattoo “till death” in ✦MooLoo✦ ☆ Panties “Satin Doll” at FROU FROU event (open 10/09/2018) by ✦Entice✦ ☆ Pose “Birthday Suit” in FOXCITY    

loose control

Sponsored by ✦*CK* Candy kitten✦ ☆ Hair “Fleeting” in stealthic ☆ Lingerie “loose control” at FROU FROU event (open 10/09/2018) by ✦*CK* Candy kitten✦    


Sponsored by ✦Letis Tattoo✦ ☆ Hair “Azalea” in Truth ☆ Top “Avery Sweater” in epoch ☆ Tattoo “hummingbird” at ULTRA event by ✦Letis Tattoo✦ ☆ Pose “sunflowered” in Hazeel      


Sponsored by ✦ella✦ ☆ Hair “Samantha” in RAMA SALON ☆ Dress” Gina” at ACCESS event (open 12/09/2018) by ✦ella✦  

autumn’s coming

Sponsored by ✦DarkFire✦ ☆ Hair  “Mandy with hat” in Limerence ☆ “Summer top” in Leronso ☆ “Beaded jeans” in ✦DarkFire✦  

breath you in

Sponsored by ✦SamPoses✦ ☆ Pose “breath you in” at The Avenue, event by ✦SamPoses✦