out of the blue

Sponsored by ✦MDA Fair 2018✦ ☆ “disordered hair lll #5” in Pink Hustler ☆ “Serena Dress” at ✦MDA Fair 2018✦ (open 01/08/2018) by EXiA ☆ Pose “Sea Breeze 3” at ✦MDA Fair 2018✦ (open 01/08/2018) by NANTRA        

beach girl

Sponsored by ✦MDA Fair 2018✦ ☆ Hair “Charity” in Doe ☆ “Tiviyah Knotted Dress” at ✦MDA Fair 2018✦ (open 01/08/2018) by Cynful ☆ Pose “Beach Girl Sandal” in Sallie Language  


Sponsored by ✦MDA Fair 2018✦ ☆ Hair “Soaked” in Clawtooth ☆ Outfit “Penelope bodysuit&sweater” at ✦MDA Fair 2018✦ (open 01/08/2018)  by Tori’s Stylez ☆ Pose “Pose set 70” at ✦MDA Fair 2018✦ (open 01/08/2018) by Nina Rosario Poses    

sure shot

Sponsored by ✦Entice✦ & ✦MDA Fair 2018✦ ☆ Hair “Crinkle Fries” in Doe ☆ Outfit “Luna” at ✦MDA Fair 2018✦ (open 01/08/2018) by -:zk:- ☆ “Street tattoo” at ✦MDA Fair 2018✦ (open 01/08/2018) by RedFish ☆ “Sure Shot Sneakers” at The Makeover Room (group gift) by ✦Entice✦ ☆ Pose “Wall smoker” in Kopfkino          

cat hat

Sponsored by ✦Boutique #187✦ & ✦LsR Moda✦ ☆ Hair “Vivi” in Sintiklia ☆ Dress “Sexy Ana”, here ✦LsR market✦ ☆ “Cat Hat” at Blush Event (open 28/07 – 18/08/2018) by ✦Boutique #187✦ ☆ Pose “Left Behind” in X.T.C Poses      

bear burger

Sponsored by ✦Boutique #187✦ & ✦ DarkFire✦ ☆ Hair “Soomi” in pr!tty ☆ Top “Tessa Crop Top” in ✦ DarkFire✦ ☆ Jeans “Nynfa” in CandyDoll ☆ “Chic Glasses” at DUBAI Event (20/07 – 10/08/2018) by ✦Boutique #187✦ ☆ “Bear Burger” in MishMish        


for *Vanilla Bae* photocontest ☆ Hair “Vega” at Mermaid Cove Event by DOUX ☆ “Melody Outfit” at Mermaid Cove Event by Vanilla Bae ☆ “Fish in a bag” by SugarBun      


Sponsored by ✦ella✦ ☆ Hair “Saturday night” at  The Epiphany Event by Tentacio ☆ Dress “CutieMaid” at RLD Event (open 15/07/2018) by ✦ella✦  


Sponsored by ✦MooLoo✦ ☆ Hair “Hunni” in pr!tty ☆ Tattoo “Something Blue” in ✦MooLoo✦ ☆ Pose “Safe” in BadWolf  

Me, Him…

Sponsored by ✦Apocalyptic Tattoo✦ ☆ Tattoo “Me him and the stars” at  N21 Event by ✦Apocalyptic Tattoo✦ ☆ Dress “Niah” at Tres Chic Event by SCANDALIZE