Sponsored by ✦ella✦ & ✦White Rabbit Poses✦ ☆ Hair “Aysima Wet” in RaDeX ☆ Dress “Zara” at PocketGacha Event (April 2018 round) by ✦ella✦ ☆ “Splish Splash Wet Sunglasses” in Izzies ☆ Pose “Temptation” in White Rabbit Poses      

and if…

Sponsored by ✦SOHOe SHOeS✦ ☆ Hair “Amber” in RAMA SALON ☆ Outfit “choker tank” & “High Waisted Cutoffs” at fd ☆ Tattoo “Wilding” at KINKY Event by White – Widow ☆ Shoes “Tamera Boots” in ✦SOHOe SHOeS✦      

no comeback

Sponsored by ✦KiRa TattOO✦ ✦Boutique #187✦ & ✦EscalateD✦ ☆ Hair “Brittany” at Dark Side Event (14/04/18 – 05/05/18) by ✦EscalateD✦ ☆ Tattoo “Skizzo” in ✦KiRa TattOO✦ ☆ “Gun Septum” at Suicide Dollz Event (22/04/18 – 04/05/18) by ✦Boutique #187✦ ☆ “Slave Ankle Cuffs” at RLD Event (15/04/18 – 08/05/18) by ✦Boutique #187✦ ☆ Outfit “Queen of Anarchy” in E-clipse Design ☆ “Lance Piercing (bento)” in CX ☆ “Spider Pavlik” in ChicChica…

just cute

Sponsored by ✦SOHOe SHOeS✦ ☆ Hair “Ayme” in pr!tty ☆ Dress “Hartely” in Masoom ☆ Glasses “Bloom” in Cubic Cherry ☆ Shoes “Tia Sandals” in ✦SOHOe SHOeS✦        


    ☆ Hair “Yuri & Windy” in pr!tty ☆ Lingerie “Micaela” in Luas ☆ Shoes “Elle Plats” in Reign ☆ Poses “My good girl” & “Burning Desire” in K&S        

I think of you

Sponsored by ✦Entice✦ ☆Hair “Bekka” in pr!tty ☆Outfit “Urgent” at Cosmopolitan Event by ✦Entice✦ ☆”Crystal Heart Implant” in Kokoro ☆”Silky Kisses” tattoo in The White Crow      

ice cream

Sponsored by ✦Entice✦ ☆Hair “Kabrina” in Elikatira ☆Dress “Clair de Lune” at Trunk Show Event by ✦Entice✦ ☆Ice Cream “Bento Popsicle” in Blow Up    

  Sponsored by ✦Entice✦ ☆Hair “Julie” in DOUX ☆Dress “No Expectations” at ULTRA Event by ✦Entice✦ ☆Skin “Peach” (dolce tone) at Blossom Event by Enfer Sombre ☆Pose “Moment 4 Life” in K&S        


  Sponsored by ✦ella✦ ✦LsR Moda✦ & ✦SOHOe SHOeS✦ ☆Hair “Valeria” in ✦LsR Moda✦ ☆Jumpsuit “Farrah” at Limit8 Event by ✦ella✦ ☆Shoes “Tammy Platform Pumps” in XXX Event(13/04/18 to 03/05/18) by ✦SOHOe SHOeS✦ ☆Bubbly Unicorn in La Baguette    


Sponsored by ✦ella✦ & ✦Letis Tattoo✦ ❥Hair “Klaire” in pr!tty ❥Tattoo “Zazil” in ✦Letis Tattoo✦ ❥Dress “Shira” at RLD Event by ✦ella✦ ❥Shoes “Glamour” in KC ❥Poses “02 & 149” in Haven Poses