close to me

Sponsored by ✦KiRa TattOO✦ ❥Outfit “Candy” in BigBeautifulDoll ❥Tattoo “Blue Rose” in ✦KiRa TattOO✦


Sponsored by ✦KiRa TattOO✦ ❥Hair “Drew” at Uber Event by Entwined ❥Dress “Miya Sunset” by Salt & Pepper & Pasties “Misao” at Japonica Event ❥Tattoo “Delicia” at Crazy Fashion Event by ✦KiRa TattOO✦      


❥Hair “Sayo” in Argrace ❥Dress “Becky wet” in TRS Designs ❥Coat “Virginia” in Addams      

Sponsored by ✦KiRa TattOO✦ ❥Hair “Carnival” in Doe ❥Top “Cute Bra” in Nyne ❥Skirt “Lisa” in Kitja ❥Tattoo “ANA X” at  The Avenue Event by ✦KiRa TattOO✦      

roses Mehndi

Sponsored by ✦Apocalyptic Tattoo✦ ❥Hair “Arabella” in Doe ❥Outfit “kylie” in Tori Torricelli ❥Tattoo “Roses Mehndi” at White Nights Event by ✦Apocalyptic Tattoo✦    


Sponsored by ✦KiRa TattOO✦ &  ✦ELITE event✦ ❥Hair “Rose” in pr!tty ❥Outfit “Forever True Expression” at ✦ELITE event✦ ❥Tattoo “Tremenda” at The Event Circle by ✦KiRa TattOO✦    

forest Spirit

Sponsored by ✦ella✦ ❥Hair “Forest Spirit” in Spellbound ❥Top “Misteriosa” in Addams ❥Pants “Patricia” at Tres Chic Event by ✦ella✦      


Sponsored by ✦KiRa TattOO✦ ❥Hair “Bianca” in Wasabi Pills ❥Dress “Bella” in Vanilla Bae ❥Tattoo “MHIA” at The Best Point Event by ✦KiRa TattOO✦  

rain cloud

Sponsored by ✦Ink. ShitStorm Tattoos✦ ✦Crystal Poses✦ & ✦ELITE event✦ ❥Hair “Sury” in pr!tty ❥Tattoo “Rain Cloud” in ✦Ink. ShitStorm Tattoos✦ ❥”Kelly Bodysuit” at ✦ELITE event✦ by XXXtasi ❥Backdrop & Pose “Couple 31” in ✦Crystal Poses✦    


Sponsored by ✦ella✦ ✦Ink. ShitStorm Tattoos✦ & ✦Crystal Poses✦ ❥Hair “Mizaki” in Ayashi ❥Tattoo “WaterColorHirsch” in ✦Ink. ShitStorm Tattoos✦ ❥Dress “Fernanda” at Limit8 Event by ✦ella✦ ❥Backdrop & Pose couple “32” in ✦Crystal Poses✦