Sponsored by ✦Loki✦ ❥Hair “leaves home” in Liquid Moon ❥Top “mesh top V5” in Elven Elder ❥Skirt “Hearts Skirt” for The Love Hunt by ✦Loki✦ ❥Shoes “Ribbon Heel” at Cosmopolitan by CULT ❥Floatie Balloons, gift in Blueberry      


❥Hair  “La V1” in Doe ❥Dress “Yushiko” at Hentai Fair 3 by Safira ❥Shoes “Kandy Ribbon” in BoSH ❥Nipples Chopsticks at Hentai Fair 3 by Wednesday Curemore        

build or destroy

Sponsored by ✦LsR Moda✦ & ✦Apocalyptic Tattoo✦ ❥Hair “Twinkle” in Doe ❥Outfit “Sexy Kara” in ✦LsR Moda✦ ❥Tattoo “Sakura Love” in ✦Apocalyptic Tattoo✦

take my heart

❥Hair “Mocha” at Shiny Shabby by Navy and Copper ❥Dress “Jabami” in Violent Seduction ❥Heart “Valentine’s Heart” in Cureless ❥Scars Tattoo in CICIcat    


Sponsored by ✦[E]legance✦ ❥Hair “G1117” in Tram ❥Outfit “Just an evening” in ✦[E]legance✦ ❥Garter Gun “Viper” in KC ❥Collar & Cuffs “Pure Passion” in Moon Rabbit      

in the dark

❥Hair “Winona” in Truth ❥Dress “Veronica Corset” in StormCrow ❥Tattoo “Drowned Hope” in Identity ❥Shoes “Vicky Booties” in Wicca’s Wardrobe        


Sponsored by ✦LsR Moda✦ ❥Hair “Henya” in Truth ❥Outfit “Sexy Isis” in✦LsR Moda✦    

want you

Sponsored by ✦Apocalyptic Tattoo✦ ❥Hair “G1224” in Tram ❥Lingerie “Teena” in BF ❥Tattoo “Zen” in ✦Apocalyptic Tattoo✦ ❥Shoes “Candy” in Mosquito’s Way      

restraints flowers

Sponsored by ✦Entice✦ ❥Hair “Silent Night” in Spellbound ❥Lingerie “Flowers in the rain” at Whimsical event by ✦Entice✦ ❥Restraints Hands at Hentai Fair 3 event by kotte  

midnight bath

Sponsored by ✦Entice✦ ❥Hair “Arwin” in Doe ❥Dress “Doll Parts” at ULTRA event by ✦Entice✦ ❥Tattoo “Rosa Livre” in Body Mod ❥Garter “Lace Garter” in Frou Frou event by Apple May Designs ❥Shoes “Nadira” in KC