in my mind

❥Hair “Hippe” in pr!tty ❥Top & Skirt “Danyele” in SCANDALIZE ❥Necklace “Letter Necklace” in EMPIRE  

sun is back

Sponsored by ✦MACI✦ ❥Hair “Apple” in Navy and Copper ❥Dress “Anna Tunic” in ✦MACI✦ ❥Shoes “Moka Ankle Boots” in TETRA ❥Glasses “Rose Glasses” in random Matter ❥Tattoo “dreamer” in Addicted to Ink      


Sponsored by ✦Entice✦ & ✦BIBI POSE✦ ❥Hair “Unicorno” in Doe ❥Lingerie “Lavender Blue Lingerie, Unicorn” in ✦Entice✦ ❥Poses “ISABELA” in ✦BIBI POSE✦    

Hate You

Sponsored by ✦LsR Moda✦ ❥Hair “the lullabies” in Olive ❥Dress “I Love Hate You” in ✦LsR Moda✦ ❥Necklace “Tainted Love Cuffs” in Axix ❥Leg Tattoo “Garter Gun Flowers” in CAROL G      

its snowing

Sponsored by ✦LEGAL INSANITY✦ & ✦BIBI POSE✦ ❥Hair “Jody” in Wasabi Pills ❥Outfit “Adely” at The Epiphany by N-Uno ❥Boots “Bina boots” at Shiny Shabby by ✦LEGAL INSANITY✦ ❥Couple pose “WE ARE ONE” in ✦BIBI POSE✦      


Sponsored by ✦BIBI POSE✦ & ✦Yavanna Nerwende : Poses & Animations✦ ❥Hair “Kaira” in Limerence ❥Dress with gag “Melania” in Luas ❥Poses 1&3 “MIA” in ✦BIBI POSE✦ ❥Pose 2 “Save Me” in ✦Yavanna Nerwende : Poses & Animations✦ ❥Backdrop “Trust & Love” in Isuka    


❥Hair “The Baby” in Olive ❥Top “Charm Blouse” at The Kawaii Project by Moon Elixir ❥Pants “Erika” in CandyDoll ❥Lipstick hand “Gothic Lipstick” at The Kawaii Project by Imeka ❥Skin “Aoki xo xo” in MUDSKIN        

charming place

Sponsored by ✦LEGAL INSANITY✦ ❥Hair “Angelic” in Doe ❥Top “Stretch Blazer” in TETRA ❥Jeans “Ellie lace jeans” at Tres Chic  by ✦LEGAL INSANITY✦ ❥Bag “Radio Toaster” in PewPew      

wedding scene

Sponsored by ✦BIBI POSE✦ ❥Hair “Mel” in Doe ❥ Dress “Leffe Dress” at Trunk Show by Kaithleen’s ❥Shoes “Candy” at  Tres Chic  by Mosquito’s Way ❥Tattoo “Scars 1” in CicCat ❥Poses with knife “Beautiful Assassin” at Seasonal Fair (16/10/2017) by ✦BIBI POSE✦ ❥Backdrop “crime scene” at The Epiphany  by Astralia          

broken doll

Sponsored by ✦Arabic Tattoos✦ ❥Hair “the Glitter Hair” in Olive ❥Overall “Over-it-alls” in Pseudo ❥Tattoo “Inside You” in ✦Arabic Tattoos✦ ❥Garter “Skull Gater & Blade” in KC ❥Back Key “key and ward set” in BOOM ❥Backdrop “Horrorfest Backdrop (exorcism)” at The Epiphany  by Astralia