little koala

Sponsored by ✦*Elise*✦ ☆ Hair “Farryn” in Truth ☆ “Sara bento rings” in ✦*Elise*✦ ☆ “Little Koala Buddy & Leaves” in Black Bantam    


Sponsored by ✦MooLoo✦ ☆ Hair  “Shark Bait” in Doe ☆ Lingerie “Mirella” by Kitja ☆ Tattoo “Lady Luck” in ✦MooLoo✦ ☆ Pose “lucky” in Hera    


Sponsored by ✦Letis Tattoo✦ ☆ Hair “Juniper” in Elikatira ☆ Tattoo “Anubis” in ✦Letis Tattoo✦ ☆ Pose “Cigarette Break” in Kopfkino    

sweet mug

Sponsored by ✦Boutique #187✦ &  ✦ella✦ ☆ Hair “H0702” in Tram ☆ Dress “Lilly” at Limit8 (open 18/07/2018) by ✦ella✦ ☆ “Giant Sweet Mug” at The Chapter Four (open 04/08/2018) by ✦Boutique #187✦      


Sponsored by ✦ DarkFire✦ ☆ “disordered hair lll #3” in Pink Hustler ☆ Outfit “studded turtleneck crop top” & “studded cutout pants” in ✦ DarkFire✦ ☆ Pose “Summer Heat 3” in Kirin Poses ☆ Fan bento at Ebento, event (open 10/08/2018) by CNZ      


Sponsored by ✦SamPoses✦ ☆ Hair “Spring Curls 4” by Tableau Vivant ☆ Dress “Beverly Roses” in Aley’s ☆ Pose “Remember My Name, 2” at The Darkness, Event by ✦SamPoses✦    

Je t’emmènerais bien

Sponsored by ✦MooLoo✦ ☆ Hair “Makina V2” in Doe ☆ Tattoo “Punk Love” in ✦MooLoo✦ ☆ Pose “torke towel” at Okinawa summer festival by Fakeicon    

inner demons

Sponsored by ✦MDA Fair 2018✦ ✦KiRa TattOO✦ & ✦*Elise*✦ ☆ Hair “Demon huntress” in Tableau Vivant ☆  Hair Bow “Dinglehopper” at Mermaid Cove, Event(23/07 – 13/08/2018) by ✦*Elise*✦ ☆ “Microkini Slingshot” at at ✦MDA Fair 2018✦ (open 01/08/2018) by  Insanya ☆ Tattoo “Belebelen” in ✦KiRa TattOO✦          

summer girls

Sponsored by ✦Entice✦ & ✦Boutique #187✦ (right girl) ☆ Hair “Heat Wave” in Foxy ☆ Outfit “Who do you love” at Vanity Event (05 – 25/08/2018) by ✦Entice✦ ☆ “MIAM Earrings gacha” at The Gacha Garden (01 – 31/08/2018) by ✦Boutique #187✦ ☆ Pose “Summer Girls” in BellePoses        


Sponsored by ✦MDA Fair 2018✦ (right girl) ☆ Hair “Summer Luv” in Besom ☆ Top “Denia” in Pseudo ☆ Table & Poses “Whipped Again” at ✦MDA Fair 2018✦ (open 01/08/2018) by IE